iNamibia becomes biggest local site in Namibia

iNamibia is proud to announce that they have become the biggest local website in Namibia!

iNamibia ( today announced that they have become the biggest local website in Namibia! They also own the largest Facebook page in the country.

iNamibia ( today announced that they have become the biggest local website in Namibia! They also own the largest Facebook page in the country.

This is according to the well-respected web traffic ranking site Statshow (

They have achieved this in an extremely short period of time, 18 months. Launching in January 2011, they have grown to such an extent that they have surpassed many other, more established and older brands in Namibia and are well on their way to make waves not only in–country but well beyond their borders. 

iNamibia would like to thank its readers and viewers for the ready acceptance they have found in the Namibian digital world and are grateful that they have become the regular meeting place for many young and older Namibians in the country or even in the diaspora.

iNamibia has achieved this momentous goal because of the application of new technologies, Social Media and understanding their community and really connecting with them 24/7 

For advertisers, this is a great opportunity to reach their intended target audience, explore all the digital marketing possibilities as well as growing their exposure in markets. 

iNamibia also embraces Hyper-Local communities ( and their new community tool (Mimiboard) will aim to engage even further with all Namibians. 


About Umuntu Media

Enabling local content creation and unlocking access to this content across Africa. 

We are here to help communities by making it easy for them to create and share content. Through the establishment of trusted brands (iPortals) and smart technology (Mimiboard) we aim to improve access to information and facilitate user-generated content. We are building the local-wide web and we love it.


  • Launched nine African content and information portals
    • Became the biggest local website in Namibia (2nd in Botswana)
    • Created one of the biggest Facebook followings of any media group in these nine countries
    • Initiated first-time digital advertising spend from many local organisations
    • Launched iAngola and iMozambique in Portuguese
  • Received the Nokia and World Bank Innovator of the Year Award 2012
  • The first African company to be selected as a finalist in the iMedia Next Wave competition (Austin, Texas)
  • Launched Mimiboard, which resulted in an additional 414 000  visitors to  our network in the first month
  • Through the use of Mimiboard, Umuntu Media reached 4,5 million visitors per month by the end of 2012 (currently 7,5 million per month)
  • Currently Umuntu Media is present in 16 African markets (iPortals and Mimiboard) – planned expansion to 25+
  • Featured in numerous articles across the world; highlights include BBC, The Next Web, iMedia connection, Memeburn